Here’s Stoneview’s 8-step process by which we turn a dream visualisation into a striking and functional reality:

Consultation and site visit planning

We have a keen set of ears as well as skilled green fingers! At this stage we ask a fair few questions to get a real sense of the vision, weigh up possibilities against the budget, evaluate landscape concerns and consider future maintenance.


After the initial meetings we spend a week or 2 back in the design studio coming up with concepts. Our in- house designers produce sketches, scaled plan drawings and elevations to enable you to understand and appreciate our proposals. We bring these back to you and discuss them with on site.

Specification and quotation

The specification is Ginkgo’s own ‘how?’ document and helps both the client and us to be clear on how the garden project will go ahead. It’s a breakdown of each stage with associated costs including a budget sum for planting, as this is the last stage of the project and flowers and plants usually demand a fair bit of discussion!

Getting ready

With the quotation agreed, we can fine-tune the garden planning details such as the full time-scale of the project, dates and daily working hours. We always aim to ensure there’s as little disruption to your routine as possible although the London weather may have other plans! We will always let you know if there’s to be any delay on planned dates.

Day one

Day one is where we deconstruct the existing garden. Client’s often breathe in sharply with that ‘can’t go back!’ feeling initially however Day 1 is also where we double check on all the design measures and lay clear markers in the site for building the new design so that the desired plan starts becoming a reality.

The build

At this point the materials will be arriving and solid foundations for the new design will be put in place. Following this, construction begins with walls and steps most often coming first, garden features second and fountains next. Finally the last part will be any paved areas.


This is where the fun really begins! Our clients find this is often one of the most visually stimulating and mood-enhancing steps of the project as they get to really see the design come to life and know that the project is near completion and almost read to use.


With all areas tidied and swept, excess materials removed and final quality checks made, we present the finished, fully refined and beautifully designed new garden. This is an exciting time for us too as every garden is different and brings different challenges and we love to see great results.

Future maintenance

We help clients to keep up with maintenance requirements easily through providing a tailored schedule and quotation for future services. We also provide key after-care notes and are ready to answer any further questions you might have about maintaining your new garden.

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